The Team

Founding Team

These are the people who have been working on this project from the start. Together, they form the very foundation of this site.

Claire, Founder & Editor

Dip(Couns), BAPsy
Combining her interests in counselling, theatre, and writing, she intends on doin
g expressive arts therapy in the future, perhaps even bringing animals into the therapy room. She is working towards eradicating stigma and advocating for mental health, starting with this project. At the moment, she is volunteering with Caregivers Alliance Limited while taking her Masters of Counselling.


Sean, Editor & Social Media Manager

He needs to slow down. He aims to investigate and write about the state of mental health from an objective and pro-health position. He believes that change comes from action and more often than not, we are afraid of said action. (Website/Email/Phone)


Krys, Moderator

Grown up in a single parent family, keeping things all to herself and resulting in self-harming. Enjoy the companion and educating the little ones and they became the motivation to keeping clean.


Bella, Moderator & Writer

No stranger to bullying and academic failures, she knows how it is like to be a student struggling to fit in with others. She has struggled from depressive and anxiety symptoms, and she is constantly learning how to cope with her struggles. She has a wide variety of interests, including cafe hopping, karaoke, painting, dancing and many more.


Eileen, Writer


Wren, Writer

Loves books, old people, furry animals, goosing around, and playing with children!


Melissa, Writer

New Writers

These writers have joined us along the way, working with us on the project.

Jing Yi

Jing Yi is a currently a medical student who hopes to reach out to people who are afraid to seek help and inspire people to speak up about their experiences by writing.  She strongly believes that there should be no stigma on mental health illnesses, and would be more than happy to offer a hug and a conversation to whoever that needs it.