Something new, something different – My “Works of Art”

Please let me out of this dark, scary place, i’m being torn apart at the seams, i am being shackled by your chains. My inner demons are tormenting me, it’s eating me from inside out, i want the good ol’ days back. I just want to get through the day, the lights are flickering more, the walls are closing up even further, i can’t breathe, i’m going to hyperventilate.





So anyway, I decided to do something different today. Today, I will show you guys my works of art. My poetry, my prose and all the things I did when I was feeling creative.

I have re-posted these poems/prose on other platforms, but I own the rights to them, and I haven’t used any of them for a school assignment(and I am not intending to), so it’s alright.

So these are my best works… Well, I showed them to one of my psychiatrist in the past, to describe the extent of my depression and he slapped out a prescription for Risperdal and a schizophrenia diagnosis. I feel so embarrassed by my poems, but screw it, I will just post it. Sounds a bit cheesy.

the black box….

I’m in a big, black dark box.

Yes, it gets darker everytime.

There used to be some light in there.

The walls are closing up on me.

Years ago it didn’t feel quite so dark.

welcome to my little black box, my dear.

where am i? i want to get out.

no, we will be stuck here for quite a while

my screams are being drowned out

i’m pleading for mercy

please let me out of this dark, scary place

i’m being torn apart at the seams

i am being shackled by your chains

my inner demons are tormenting me

its eating me from inside out

i want the good ol’ days back

i just want to get through the day

the lights are flickering more

the walls are closing up even further

i can’t breathe, i’m going to hyperventilate

This was written when I felt very upset and tears were pouring out of my eyes. I wrote it a few years ago, and I think my other proses were lacklustre compared to this. This is one of my best works.


I’m stepping in a bed of thorns

Every step I take, its hurting me

Every move you make, its hurting me

Borne out of desperation and hopelessness

Fear engulfs my heart

It hurts to see you this way

But we are all fighting our personal demons

Delusions of grandeur

Wanting to be a star

Nobody takes me seriously

Your struggles with darkness

Is what I can feel emanating from you

But I am too distant too far away

I hear your cries from a distance

But I am helpless, utterly helpless

I am just a bystander in the distance


Tread carefully in the water

Cause we could drown anytime

Tread carefully on the land

Cause quicksand will swallow us

Tread carefully in the mud

We could sink in the bog

One, two, three.

Thrice again, you have cut me off.

One, two, three.

Come back….just come back….

One, two, three.

Come back to consciousness.

Put on a facade everyday.

Yo, go to work, Yo go to school.

Act like everything is fine.

But nah, everything stinks like shit.

And the shit is clouding up everything.

And the clouds are not clearing.

And clear skies have turned grey.

Greyness everywhere.

They say you have a dark side.

I can’t deal with it but I’m lost.

Lost in the distant echo.

Don’t disappear into the void.

And leave me here…..

This was written by me when an internet friend told me he wanted to commit suicide because I didn’t love him and stuff. We had a burgeoning romance going on. So I felt so helpless as he told me he wanted to die and he played a sad song for me. Also, the time when I discovered Tristam’s song – I remember.


I was in the pits of despair
I was depressed
And you say that I’m impaired
I am not impressed
You say that i’m insane
I say I’m walking down a different lane
I think I’m creative
You think that’s relative
You say that I’m confused
I say that I’m bemused
I felt that I was dying inside
You think that I lack insight
I regret being provocative
But it’s my prerogative
Now that I feel high
People are going to ask me why
But they are not going to understand
So I conclude that they misunderstand


Sent this to one of the mental health blogs….but it wasn’t accepted, cause’ it was too incoherent or weird? Or too dark.

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