Eating Disorders Awareness

REFLECTIONS 2018 – Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Tailored is a new mental health initiative set up by 2 eating disorder survivors in recovery. It aims to promote mental wellness through support groups such as their “Eating Disorders Recovery Programme”. They have an alteray endeavour session once every two weeks, which aims to help connect individuals with lived experience with Eating Disorders and help them develop their artistic ability and talents as well as to inspire individuals. They also provide bullet journals, caregiver toolkits and wellness boxes for mental health and self-care needs.


3 Films by Hot Off The Press

For some of you, you might be familiar with Over the Rainbow, a non-profit organisation which aims to help those with mental health issues. SG Creations is a subsidiary of Over the Rainbow, and they are showing 3 original films for members of the public to watch, with the aim of destigmatising mental health issues, under their media literacy project “Hot Off The Press”.


Runescape and Mental Health

You may wonder, what has mental health got to do with gaming? Today, I just found out that Runescape has a mental health event in-game, and I was so pleasantly surprised. In case you didn’t know, Runescape has been supporting mental health charities over the years, and it aims to raise $150,000 this year, for Prince’s Trust and CPL Mind, as well as YMCA’s Right Here.


The Green Ribbon and Mental Health Awareness Month [#Blog4MH]

The Green Ribbon The colourĀ green was used to identify individuals as “insane” in the past. Today, the green ribbon has become a symbolĀ of mental health awareness in many countries, including Ireland, America, and Canada. We will beĀ placingĀ a green ribbon on our siteĀ as a constant reminder of ourĀ vision – a society whereby mental health is taken seriously. Mental Health Awareness Month May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which means theĀ #Blog4MH ChallengeĀ is here! #Blog4MH is a mental health and wellness blogging challenge, hosted periodically through the year. Anyone who is interested in sharing their thoughts and perspectives on mental health and wellness […]


Every Brilliant Thing – Play Review

ā€œImagine you had a dog, and suddenly you had to put it to sleep after 10 years of caring for it. How would you feel?ā€ Thatā€™s the analogy used in Every Brillant Thing, a play by Bhumi Productions, used to describe a person who was lost to suicide. An audience member was asked to re-enact a scene as a vet using euthanasia to put the protagonistā€™s dog to sleep.