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Enchanted Cafe

So I found this new café, and the food there looks very appetising and visually appealing. I am going to try out the Halloween menu with my friend today, and fingers crossed. 😡




The truffle soup looks good, and the dessert looks delectably divine, but I think I am not going for the charcoal drink and the charcoal mac and cheese. It reminds me of the activated charcoal that I had to drink in the hospital. The meal will set you and your friend back by $66.60 for two people and comes with a soup, drink, main and dessert.


How’s that? Sounds good right? You can even come dressed up as a ghost or a goblin. Moreover, they have a special skit for you after you finish your dinner, at around 7.45pm. However, this menu is only available on certain days, and you should check out their facebook page.

Enchanted Cafe: Halloween Special Menu with Special Appearance

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