Eating Disorders Awareness

REFLECTIONS 2018 – Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Tailored is a new mental health initiative set up by 2 eating disorder survivors in recovery. It aims to promote mental wellness through support groups such as their “Eating Disorders Recovery Programme”. They have an alteray endeavour session once every two weeks, which aims to help connect individuals with lived experience with Eating Disorders and help them develop their artistic ability and talents as well as to inspire individuals. They also provide bullet journals, caregiver toolkits and wellness boxes for mental health and self-care needs.




Since then, they have decided to launch Reflections 2018, which are art workshops for people suffering from mental health conditions as well as the general public.

What’s more, it is free! No age limits, whatsoever(checked the website, no restrictions stated).

In this case, art is used as a therapeutic medium to convey emotions and ideas as well as dispel myths and misconceptions, and it will help to raise awareness about Eating Disorders. The artwork will be showcased from 23-24th February during the start of eating disorders week.

For more details, take a look at the flyer below.

If you would like to sign up as a volunteer, click the link below:

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