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Welcome to Winding Through The Willows!

This is a site dedicated to raising awareness for not just mental illness, but mental health and self-care too. Amongst others, we talk about mental illness; where and when to seek help; risk factors of mental illness; coping skills; and, the importance of self-care.




Here are some of the more prominent features of our site:

Through The Willows Infographic

1. Resources & Information

  • A section of this site is filled with mental health resources. This ranges from available services to downloadable material.
  • Informative posts are presented in such a way that you do not need to have background knowledge on mental health to understand.

2. Sharing & Discussion

  • Share your experience and opinion, and about yourself – you can even submit photos of what means a lot to you (e.g. pets, friends, your artwork)
  • We facilitate discussion, raise awareness, and encourage change.

3. Safety

  • We will not reveal your identity (not even your pseudonym) or distribute information about you, without your consent.
  • We have team members focusing on moderation – content violating rules will be removed from both posts and comments.
  • Threats and harassment can lead to being banned and, if necessary, reported to the police.

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Winding Through The Willows is not a crisis service and must not be used as medical advice or to substitute visits to healthcare practitioners. For emergencies, please contact Samaritans of Singapore (suicide hotline), or the Institute of Mental Health.

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