Workplace Environment Affects Depression

The workplace, not the workload, causes workplace depression

Singapore has been known to have a very muted and conservative work environment, causing undue stress that might carry over to the individual’s lives. A new Danish study concludes that the often misunderstood correlation between workload and depression can be instead attributed to an improper workplace environment. With the culture that has been built in big companies in Singapore, it is beneficial to relook at how we treat work as a concept and our employees.




A huge pile of unfinished work is not the main reason why employees become depressed, concludes an extensive new Danish study.

Surprisingly, the study indicates that a heavy workload has no effect on whether or not employees become depressed. Instead, it is the work environment and the feeling of being treated unfairly by the management that has the greatest effect on an employee’s mood.

The study suggests that looking at the employees’ own assessment of the work environment and possible changes to the work environment has a much better preventive effect on depression than reducing the workload.

”When the employees’ sense of justice plays such a central role in minimising the risk of depression, this is probably the area that the preventive work should focus on,” says Grynderup.

“I recommend a management style in which there is a clearly expressed wish to treat employees properly – combined with a transparent organisational structure.”

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