Runescape and Mental Health

You may wonder, what has mental health got to do with gaming? Today, I just found out that Runescape has a mental health event in-game, and I was so pleasantly surprised. In case you didn’t know, Runescape has been supporting mental health charities over the years, and it aims to raise $150,000 this year, for Prince’s Trust and CPL Mind, as well as YMCA’s Right Here.




Usually, you would expect Voluntary Welfare Organisations, charities, and government-linked agencies to organise events and raise awareness for mental health issues.  I think this is a revolutionary step in mental health awareness, as this is the first time that a very prolific game company raises awareness for mental health issues.  Runescape has a huge player base, and it could potentially reach out to many youths who may be suffering from mental health disorders.

What you should do:

  1. Participate in the event and have fun – you are given 14 weeks to collect 10,000 charity tokens, and you can collect 1,000 charity tokens each day. When you hit specific milestones, such as 1000 tokens, 2,500 tokens and 4,000 tokens, you will unlock special cosmestic overrides for your Fashionscape journey. If you feel like donating, you can donate runecoins which will help their campaigns. There are 3 campaigns. The first one is the STOP suicide campaign which helps youths struggling with suicidal thoughts in the UK organised by CPL Mind. The Prince Trust project which helps youths with mental health issues transition into the workforce, or join job training sessions to pick up important skills for employment, helping to increase their self-esteem and boost their mental health. YMCA Right Here aims to raise awareness about mental health through projects and campaigns about mental health.
  2. Talk to the NPCs, and find out more about what they do. Perhaps, you are experiencing a mental health issue, so you may want to check out their websites.
  3. Talk openly about mental health. Starting a conversation about mental health is the first step to reducing stigma. This event is an avenue for you to talk about mental health issues openly with your fellow clanmates, and fellow runescapers. It is a time to bond, as well as educate fellow players about the effects of ill-mental health. Perhaps you don’t have a mental health problem. Maybe you can share tips on how you stay mentally well. Or you may be a veteran warrior battling mental health issues for years. You can inspire others with your own story of recovery.

Here are some screenshots: (click to enlarge)

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