Chakras, meditation and whatnot – It’s not for me

If you know me, you would know that I am quite skeptical about alternative healing methods for mental health. Sign me up for an ice-skating session, sure. Skiing, never tried before, sure. Anything that is interesting, like art therapy or a type of sport which I have never tried before. Chakras, singing bowls, natural healing methods, not my cup of tea.




So I reluctantly signed up for a music for wellness session with my friend. Don’t get me wrong, the organisers had perfectly good intentions. But honestly speaking, I found it quite boring. We were given a Chinese ancient book with all sorts of complicated proses and passages. Also, we were taught about the origins of the Chinese language, and the instructors helped us analyse the meanings of the complex and varied passages. Basically, the premise is that we are not connected to the universe anymore, and we should not seek material wants but seek spiritual healing.


Also, they talked about yin-yang, as well as opening up your chakras and stuff, about how the various organs in the body were connected. I am not too familiar with alternative methods for mental health, as well as the technical terms, so I apologise if it’s poorly worded.


After 2 exhausting hours about the history of Chinese language, healing and yin-yang stuff, we finally had a break. They applied essential oil on us, and when I asked them whether the “third” eye will be opened, they said no. After that, I felt like I was dissociating, and I felt like I was in a different universe or spiritual plane. I was so scared that I would see ghosts or something.


Anyway, we went back, and they told us the “third” eye would be opened, which made me so petrified. I exclaimed that I do not want to see ghosts. There was a Christian group which mentioned that Christians cannot do yoga because when they get to the snake pose, they will end up opening the third eye and all the undesirable things will come out. I am really freaked out right now.


But anyway, I feel the music could be improved. Instead of creepy, ethereal, omnipotent chakra music, I wish they could play some soothing music. Like waves crashing on the shore, or maybe Yiruma’s love songs, or songs of the secret garden. Perhaps, instrumental songs from Sia’s Breathe Me. You get the point. So yea, alternative healing methods are not for me. But its worth a try, if you like these kinds of things.

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