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Education About Mental Health & Test Anxiety

This post was written by Caiti Ward on October 12, 2017. She is a writer and a live-action performer in film, television and commercials, as well as a voice performer in animation and narration. You can read more of her posts at her blog: https://www.caitiscorner.com/




Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and, ironically, I was having an awful day struggling with my mental health. I didn’t get a chance to post anything about WMHD because I had three college classes, homework, my sister is in from Australia and I desperately want to spend time with her, my house is being renovated, and I was riddled with anxiety.

This is my second semester in college and it’s been extremely challenging. Not just because I’m an adult student tackling school again after almost a decade, but because I’m an adult student with chronic depression and an anxiety disorder tackling school again after almost a decade.

The importance of the day was with me throughout all of yesterday, and it even inspired me to be very vulnerable and open with a young man in my biology class who joked about my test anxiety. “Do you need me to have 911 ready for next Thursday?”, he laughed. I thought it was funny (if you’d seen me during our last test, you’d understand why), but instead of laughing with him and then changing topics, I invited more questions about anxiety and depression, and answered them with honesty and vulnerability.

The conversation ranged from my test anxiety to the three levels of arousal: hypoactive (low), normal/stable, and hyperactive (high), and…

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