On Medication

[Repost] In Love & On Medication

The first time my boyfriend hid my nearly empty packet of Alprazolam (an anti-anxiety drug that is commonly known as Xanax, and acts as a minor tranquilizer) and my brand new packet of Sertraline (an SSRI-type anti-depressant that is commonly known as Zoloft), I wanted to kill him.

And, if I’m being honest, also myself.




It had been a bad week.

But this post isn’t about my bad week(s). It’s about a good boyfriend who wanted to replace the other me(n)dication in my life. Ha ha.

I still remember some of the articles he would email me titled: “Prescription Drugs are KILLING our Generation!”, and how he would roll his eyes at me crushing half a pill before going out on our weekly date night. Other times, he would plead with me to just “try to manage without it” and remind me of how “strong” I was.

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