Stressed Out

Singapore – A stressful place indeed

Claire recently blogged about how Singapore is the capital of education and anxiety. I have to agree with her, I have been quite busy, and stressed.




I have had 2 tests, and the grading scale is quite high. Its like 80 marks to get B- and 84 marks for a B minimum. I am worried about one of them, and I kept replaying the exam in my mind, thinking where I would score or lose marks. In addition, I have 2 tests coming up. One of them is MCQ based, which is good. The other has short answer questions and two essays.


Moreover, I am preparing for my grade 1 piano exam. I am trying to space out things so that I can focus on what’s in the present. I also have various outings, e.g. the world mental health day concert and my mum’s cousin is coming to Singapore, so yea, I have a minefield waiting to explode. Thus, I have not been blogging recently.


But I have been thinking about the rejections and setbacks in my life. For example, I was rejected when I auditioned for a singing spot in a singing CCA. That bummed me out. I was looking for a writing position with the school’s editorial team but they closed the applications. It’s hard to build up a writing portfolio, seriously.  Also, I was thinking about what was I going to do after my degree.


But I tell myself to tackle one thing at a time. Probably the only source of stress right now, is myself, since my parents are more lassiez-fairez right now. I can only hope for the best, as I hope my best is really enough to see me through.

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