Haunted House

Water Venture Changi and Halloween Haunted House

I have been quite busy recently. I think I am venturing out of my comfort zone again because this time I went to a haunted house at Bukit Gombak CC.




My friend was quite excited to go in, but I was scared. The volunteers told us that it would be very scary, like “Conjuring” and two other scary movies put together. I was shaking the whole time and exclaiming that I might punch the ghost or something. When I went in, it was not that bad at first, but the suspense was killing me, and there was jump scares all over the place. It is legit scary, like the 7th-month ghost festival artefacts and horror movies all rolled up in one.

There were coffins, there was some altar thing, and a face peeking out of a hole. I don’t remember much because I was too busy hiding behind my friend to take note of everything. I screamed really loudly, and my palms were so sweaty. My friend said that she was worried that I would have a panic attack, and she wouldn’t know what to do. Strangely, nowadays, I don’t experience panic attacks anymore. I have had very bad anxiety attacks, but not anything major with regards to anxiety. I can’t seem to cry much nowadays, except when watching Chester’s videos, or Amanda Todd’s one or Courageous Caitie ones. Even then, I find it very hard to hit my threshold for crying.


The next day, I went out to the PA Water Venture outlet @ Changi. It was quite an exciting experience for me. I went on the Powerboat ride, and I admired the beautiful scenery around me.

It was basically like a speedboat ride, where the boat goes very fast and the ride is very bumpy. Pretty exhilarating I would say. After that, I went for a kayaking session. The instructor was quite stern and scolded me for being inattentive, and sometimes I was a bit too anxious. Anyway, my partner and I were quite clueless, and we went really out far into the sea, and I felt like I was staring death in the face. I was really, really petrified, and I was quite worried that we would not know how to manoeuvre back and our kayak would be swept away by strong waves.

In the end, the instructor told us how to navigate back and we finally landed, safe and sound. I was quite anxious, and I think my survival instincts and anxiety overrode the suicidal part of me. Afterwards, I went to learn how to tie knots, i.e. knots for camping or hiking etc. The instructor was quite patient and friendly but I found it quite hard to remember how to tie the knots. I am not good at origami and these kinds of things.

In the end, I went to try out stand up paddling. We paddled out to shore, and I was kneeling on my knees. I tried to get up, but the surfboard was so shaky. In the end, I kept screaming that I wanted to go back to shore, and I exclaimed that I was very scared. So we paddled back to shore. One of the staff asked me what happened, so I said that I was panicking so badly.

So yea, except for two semi-anxiety attacks, I think I am safe and sound.

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