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Weird Dream and Thinking

Maybe I should be more random and blog about weird dreams and anything that comes to mind, like Xia Xue. So here it goes. I also have some depression poems and new stuff, but it’s quite dark and all, so I shall leave it aside for now. 




I find it very hard to focus on studying for my tests right now. I keep watching youtube videos, of Vennu Mallesh doing funny stuff and the comments from trolls really make my day. Also, I read that Xia Xue has a new baby, which turns out to be a spoof. I suddenly feel inspired and creative again, and I thought that I could download the Adobe Suite from the school’s website, but it’s not free, so meh. Have you seen the Adobe 2018 Creative Suite software? It’s so awesome.

Anyway, sorry for digressing.

Now, I will talk about clocks. My online lover told me, “Oh so my dad got this old family clock working and it chimes every hour, kinda creepy it’s like the chime in all the movies right before someone gets killed or something”, and I found it very amusing. I told him that it reminds me of the Mr Midnight series. So I showed him the link to the Mr Midnight series, as well as the link to his story called “The Case of the Cursed Clock”, and he agreed that there is a parallel there.

And I got reminded about my mum who told me my grandfather’s time is running out. So when she said that, it made me think that there is a clock above his head like a halo, in the Sims game, ticking really really fast. She laughed and she said its very scary, “imagine if everyone has a clock like that, and you look at a person, and you can tell how much time they have left, and you look at a person, and you tell them they don’t have much time left and you have a lot of time”.

The clock is an analogue one by the way, not digital, something like the Cowplant in Sims.

So anyway, I told him about it and he showed me the official trailer for the movie In Time, which was pretty interesting.

Sorry, no offence to anyone who reads it, its my imagination going into overdrive.

And this is what he wrote:

Coming soon to a theatre near you… *loud dramatic music* Join Bella, a 22 year old girl who was cursed as a child with the ability to see a clock of how much time everyone has left above their heads, while they have no idea truly how long they have left. Bella searches for a way to break this curse while trying to used her power to help others. Along the way she meets a knight, who helps her in her quest of breaking her curse, but the duo instead stumble upon something written about in books.

Does Bella and the knight end up breaking the curse? Or does she live with it while the thing they stumbled upon consumes them?

Okay, now for the weird dream. Last night, I dreamt I met a child genius. 9 years old and she is already a student in Cedar Girls Secondary school. Then I tell her she is a top student and she is literally guaranteed a place in TJC or VJC. She is the top 3 in her cohort and wanted to study accountancy in the local university. The girl also showed me the letter she wrote to Aunt Agony, about her suicidal ideation, and I think, poor girl, thinking of suicide at 9 years old. Also, I had another dream that I met Chester Bennington, after a karaoke session at her house. Then all of us, the fans, gathered around him and we talked, sung and laughed.

Personally, I have a spot in my heart for my grandmother, Chester Bennington, Amanda Todd and as well as Courageous Caitie. Some of the videos really make me cry.

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