The Green Ribbon and Mental Health Awareness Month [#Blog4MH]

Green Ribbon

The Green Ribbon

The colour green was used to identify individuals as “insane” in the past. Today, the green ribbon has become a symbol of mental health awareness in many countries, including Ireland, America, and Canada. We will be placing a green ribbon on our site as a constant reminder of our vision – a society whereby mental health is taken seriously.

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which means the #Blog4MH Challenge is here!

#Blog4MH is a mental health and wellness blogging challenge, hosted periodically through the year. Anyone who is interested in sharing their thoughts and perspectives on mental health and wellness are invited to join in the challenge. This is a challenge where YOU choose how many posts you will write, and what you will write about.

– Karen Copeland, Champions for Community Mental Wellness

The writers here at Winding Through The Willows have decided to participate in this challenge, and we’d like to encourage our readers and fellow bloggers to do the same. If you do not have a blog, you can have your post(s) published on this site as a guest writer. We will be sharing posts we find interesting – send us links to posts you’d like to share even if they weren’t written by you.

A plethora of articles written by bloggers participating in the challenge can be found in this list, and a list of individual participants can be found here.

[UPDATE: 1 June 2017]
#Blog4MH is over! You can view the list of authors who participated in this event here and a list of all #Blog4MH posts here.

These are the articles posted in the #Blog4MH spirit on this site (i.e. five pathetic posts by myself):

  • Mental illness in The Sims 4
    For simmers everywhere, making the perfect Sim is always fun – you get to customise appearance, voice, personality, clothing, and aspirations, all of which will affect the way your Sims behave. Something that has been rising in popularity in the mod market allows you to give your Sim traits related to mental illness. (…) It is difficult for individuals who have never experienced mental illness to empathise with those who live with it on a daily basis. Perhaps, with such mods, it could make it easier for mental illness to be understood, and give individuals a rough idea of just how frustrating living with mental illness can be.
  • DSM-5: A brief introduction
    When you get to reading about mental disorders and diagnoses, it is very likely you will run into acronyms such as DSM-5, DSM-V, DSM-IV, and DSM-IV-TR. This is a short post that, hopefully, will give you a rough idea of what those acronyms are.
  • Games that help depression
  • Mental illness and the brain: An infograph
  • Lessons learned from volunteering with CAL

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