Caregivers Alliance Limited

Caregivers Alliance Limited is the only professional non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to supporting caregivers of persons with mental illness.




491-B River Valley Road,
#04-04 Valley Point Office Tower, Singapore 248373
Tel: +65 6460 4400

Caregivers Support Centre

Outside Clinic B, Main Lobby, Main Block, Institute of Mental Health
Buangkok Green Medical Park, 10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747
Tel: +65 6388 2686 / +65 6388 8631
  • Caregiver-to-Caregiver Education Programme (C2C)
    A 12 week education and training programme for caregivers conducted by caregivers and allied health professionals. We do not charge any fee for these training programmes.
  • Caregivers Support Group
    Caregivers Support Group (CSG) are monthly meetings organised by CAL, bringing together Caregivers of persons with mental illness, with the aim of encouraging, sharing and networking with peers in similar situations.
  • Individual Training And Support
    The Individual and Support Programme (ITS) addresses the needs of caregivers who are unable to attend the 12-week C2C classes in our training centres.  Once a clear need is assessed, a Caregiver Support Specialist will meet with you in a convenient location near your home to provide individual training and support.


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