Stigma: Journal, Diary, Mood & Anxiety Tracker [Free]

Stigma is the highest rated app for mental health in the App Store. Created by a founder who deals with bipolar disorder and anxiety, Stigma provides you a safe way to build your support network, journal what’s on your mind, and keep track of your mood. Thousands of people use Stigma to see what influences their mood and connect with peers who deal with similar struggles. It was recently featured in the App Store and has over 2,000 5-star reviews!

Trying out this application, certain features stood out to me very much:

  1. Support Networks: Find PenPals, support groups, and communities anonymously.
  2. Journaling: Write short journal entries that you can share with the community.
  3. Progress Tracking: Mood graphs and calendars track your mood over the days.
  4. [Paid] Advanced Analytics: Learn how factors such as fitness and location affect your mood.
  5. Password Protection

Support Networks and Journaling

While other applications and websites allow you to connect with others anonymously, Stigma takes it a step further by encouraging the building of support networks with PenPals. You get to look at recommended PenPal profiles, including information such as interests and issues, before deciding whether or not to contact this individual.

Each journal entry starts with a mood that you can select from a list (e.g. Angry, Lonely, Anxious, Good, Accomplished), followed by a short write-up whereby you can write about anything you like, as long as it stays within 400 words (paid users get 1000 words). You can then choose to share the entry with the community, tying in nicely with the

Claire’s Stigma word-cloud

supporting network building feature of the application. You can also choose when you’d like to receive reminders (if at all) so that you don’t forget to write in your journal.

Progress Tracking and Advanced Analytics

Once you’ve started writing entries, you are presented with a nice graph tracking your mood, and who doesn’t like pretty graphs that save you the trouble of staring at numbers, right? Sure, there are other applications that let you track your mood and progress, but Stigma takes it a step further and shows you a word-cloud – different words used in your entries are collected into a cloud so you can see what words are used more (they’ll be bigger).

As for advanced analytics, it is a paid feature going for SGD4.48/month or SGD44.98/year

Password Protection

If you’re like me, you’ll love this often overlooked and underrated feature – password protection. Keep people out of the application by setting a passcode lock.

Bonus: Stigma Blog!

What’s even more brilliant, is that the creators of Stigma have also started their own mental health blog, where their posts are categorised into Mental Health, Support Groups, Anxiety, Happiness, and Depression.



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