7 Cups of Tea [Free]

Need someone to talk to? Connect with a listener on 7 Cups.

“As an advocate for treating underserved populations, 7 Cups of Tea helps supply some much-needed support for many individuals, including those without health insurance — after all, it is FREE” –Amelia Winsby, PsyD


Talk to a verified listener anonymously.

These listeners have undergone training, and are there to listen to you.

Choose from a variety of topics, which 7 Cups would then pair you with a suitable listener that is specialised in that area.


If you decide to join the 7 Cups community, 7 Cups will personalise a “Growth Path” for you based on a wellness test. This path would help you to grow, and each step includes a simple activity to help improve your mood, such as mindfulness videos, breathing techniques and focusing on the positive.

You will also receive a warm welcome from the Welcoming Committee, and you can ask them any queries you have about the app/site.

Members also get access to forums, covering anything and everything, from serious topics such as LGBTQ+ or mental illnesses, to light-hearted stuff such as icebreaker games. Members could also post up topics or specific questions they need advice to, or just to vent out their feelings.

As for chats, there are both personal 1-on-1 and group chats. 1-on-1 chats are those you have with listeners, which you can browse by age, topic, country, language and gender. You can also select if you want a verified listener and long-term support.

On the other hand, group support chats are widely categorized, from “Anxiety Support” to “Healthy Living”, and just a “Thinking Space” for others, and more. On certain days, there will also be listeners holding discussions for other members, which you can take part by answering their discussion questions.

The app will also send you notifications, progress updates, and daily inspirational quotes.
Note: these can be turned off based on your preferences

In addition, members could also join different committees on 7 Cups, such as the Welcoming Committee or the Appreciation Team.
You could also try out a free 3-day therapy session with a professional therapist. After the 3 days, you could choose to continue, with a payment of $150 per month, which is cheaper than the traditional therapy.



Anyone who is passionate about helping others, empathetic, open-minded, could consider becoming a Listener and commit to helping out others, just in the littlest way of just listening to them.
Note: To become a Verified Listener, Listeners would have to pass certain requirements.



“At this time 7 Cups of Tea appears to have mixed reviews from their customers, which is not surprising considering that their service relies on volunteers that don’t have any formal or professional training; just the training provided by the website itself.

Because of this, people who have used this service really recommend that people look for the Listeners who have been highly rated or have received a lot of badges by previous customers, and if you do feel as though you are paired with a Listener that has ultimately given you a negative experience, make sure to review them for future customers and maybe give the service another chance by using other volunteers.”
– Reviewopedia


Author: Karin Soh



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