Me – My Mental Health [Free]

Keep a mood diary, call a helpline and share your feelings!

Mood Diary

Add a new entry to your mood diary, save it as a draft to finish later. Rate it. Colour it. Express yourself in text, with a quote or even a YouTube video.

Helpline Information


Breathe together when you need it. Use Breathe to calm yourself during an anxiety attack, or simply to take a moment to yourself.

Helpline Support

Your countries* helplines at your fingertips, access information about the helplines with ease.

Trusted Contacts

Quick access to the people that are there to support you. Trusted Contacts has your back.


Share a single or multiple diary entries with ease. Great for sharing with anyone that you need to.


Don’t want anyone peeking at your personal diary? Lock it. Add a code or unlock with your fingerprint**.

Lastly, enjoy the experience.

Join our beta to receive early access to new features as they become available and open for testing!

*Please note: helplines are only available in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, Singapore and USA.

** Fingerprint locking is only available on Android devices that enable fingerprint unlocking.

Write-up composed by Karl Jones.


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