Guidebook For Caregivers of Persons With Mental Illness

This Guidebook is specially written for caregivers and families looking after persons with mental illness in Singapore. It hopes to serve as an introductory guide for new caregivers, while at the same time allowing experienced caregivers to have an up-to-date reference to the types of assistance and services available in Singapore.

Introductory Chapter to Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is an innovative, integrative therapy developed by Young and colleagues (Young, 1990, 1999) that significantly expands on traditional cognitive-behavioural treatments and concepts. The therapy blends elements from cognitive-behavioural, attachment, Gestalt, object relations, constructivist, and psychoanalytic schools into a rich, unifying conceptual and treatment model.

Emotion Regulation in ST and DBT

The article explores ways in which both Schema Therapy (Jeffery Young) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (Marshall Linehan) target emotion dysregulation present in Borderline Personality Disorder and other forms of psychopathology. Useful for informing therapy and treatment based decisions.